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Occellaris Clown Fish


clown-fish-occellarisPopularized by the movie “Finding Nemo” the Ocellaris Clownfish is one of the more popular fish for the saltwater aquarium and make fantastic aquarium inhabitants.

For the starter saltwater aquarist, the Occellaris Clownfish are a hardy and a fun fish to have because of their unique swimming motion and their interesting behavior.  They are not too aggressive, will accept most foods and are a relatively easy species to care for. An ideal aquarium setup for the Clownfish would include a tank of at least 30+ gallons, with plenty of nooks, caves or other hiding places where the clown can retreat to if feeling threatened.

Clownfish are somewhat unique by their ability to resist the toxins of sea anemones. While the Occellaris Clownfish does not require an anemone, they would definitely welcome one. In fact, only by keeping a Clownfish with an anemone will you be able to enjoy the full range of behaviors and display of this fish.  While not recommended for a beginner, an anemone should only be kept if your saltwater aquarium has sufficient light to meet their high lighting requirements.  A Bubbletip, Carpet, or Sebae Anemone would be an excellent choice if you choose to get one for your clowns.

The Ocellaris Clownfish is an omnivore, and should take most foods well, including marine flakes.  A good diet for an Ocellaris would be a staple of marine flakes supplemented by the occassional live or frozen food.  In a marine tank with live rock, the Ocellaris will also nibble on algae and resident crustacea and copepods.

Ocellaris Clownfish Overview

  • Common Names: False Percula, Common Clown Fish, Nemo Fish, Occelaris
  • Adult Size: 3 inches
  • Minimum Aquarium Size: 30+ Gallons
  • Temperature Range: 74 to 82
  • pH Level:8.1 to 8.4
  • Care Level: Easy
  • Temperament: Peaceful
  • Diet: Omnivore
  • Reef Safe: Yes
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