Sunday, February 25th, 2018

Here is a handy aquarium dimensions chart listing popular glass aquarium sizes and their typical corresponding fish tank dimensions and weights.  Please note that the “Filled Weight” measurements account for the weight of the glass aquarium itself and the maximum capacity of water for the aquarium.  Actual finished weight will usually be higher as you […]

When you select your first aquarium, you will be considering a number of factors, including size, shape and style.  You will also need to decide between what material you want your aquarium made out of – do you want a glass aquarium or an acrylic aquarium?  There are benefits to both types, and it really […]

There are a number of shapes, sizes and types of material you can choose from for your first fish tank, but the best advice for the beginning fish-keeper is: Bigger is better. Simply put, depending on your budget and type of aquarium you would like to start, you will just have a better experience with […]