Sunday, February 25th, 2018

Popularized by the movie “Finding Nemo” the Ocellaris Clownfish is one of the more popular fish for the saltwater aquarium and make fantastic aquarium inhabitants. For the starter saltwater aquarist, the Occellaris Clownfish are a hardy and a fun fish to have because of their unique swimming motion and their interesting behavior.  They are not […]

Live baby brine shrimp are an easy live food source to hatch at home and are an excellent supplementary food source for small freshwater or saltwater fish, as well as marine invertebrates. Supplies you need to hatch baby brine shrimp: Air pump Airstone 3 ft section of air pump tubing Baby brine shrimp cysts () […]

I’ve heard and read these stories all too often. A child’s birthday is coming up, and Mom & Dad want to surprise junior with a freshwater aquarium or saltwater aquarium for that special day. Mom & Dad visit the local Pet Store or Fish Store, buy a 10-gallon starter aquarium kit and wrap it up. […]