Sunday, February 25th, 2018

Choosing your aquarium location is an important consideration for your fishkeeping hobby.  Before you buy your new aquarium, you want to spend some time choosing the location where it is going to go.  You want to provide your fish with a stable and secure environment, and as a result want to be sure that you […]

In this post we look at an alternative to the typical method of cycling your fish tank with fish.  Called Fishless Cycling, it is a method of starting the Nitrogen cycle with something other than fish. All that is needed to start the Nitrogen Cycle and begin the building of beneficial nitrifying bacteria is ammonia.  […]

Tank cycling is a very important step in establishing your new aquarium, and improper cycling of your fish tank is a common cause of failure among beginning aquarists.  “Cycling your tank” means that you are giving your aquarium enough time to run through the Nitrogen Cycle and establish a biofilter. What is a biofilter?  Basically, a biofilter […]

I’ve heard and read these stories all too often. A child’s birthday is coming up, and Mom & Dad want to surprise junior with a freshwater aquarium or saltwater aquarium for that special day. Mom & Dad visit the local Pet Store or Fish Store, buy a 10-gallon starter aquarium kit and wrap it up. […]