Sunday, February 25th, 2018

The Simple Guide to Marine Aquariums

Starting a saltwater fish tank is one of those undertakings that many aquarists consider on and off for a few years before jumping in to this challenging, but very rewarding, phase of fish keeping. Done properly, a marine aquarium can be the highlight of your house – a carefully planned and painstakingly maintained ecosystem bursting with life and dazzling colors unmatched by any freshwater... [Read more]

The Simple Guide to Freshwater Aquariums

The Simple Guide to Freshwater Aquariums (Second Edition) was first written in 2001 and has helped thousands of beginning aquarists get their first aquariums started.  The second edition updates this great resource to cover how fish care techniques have evolved, highlight some new equipment that has since come onto the market, as well as give an update to the already-clean and picture-rich... [Read more]

Aquarium Supplies for your First Fish Tank

Once you’ve chosen the location for your aquarium and your aquarium size and shape, it is time to actually buy your glass or acrylic aquarium and your basic aquarium supplies.  Your local fish store may actually include many (or all) of these aquarium supplies if you purchase a beginner acquarium kit.  But if not, here are the essential aquarium supplies you should ask for when purchasing... [Read more]

Choosing an Aquarium Location

Choosing your aquarium location is an important consideration for your fishkeeping hobby.  Before you buy your new aquarium, you want to spend some time choosing the location where it is going to go.  You want to provide your fish with a stable and secure environment, and as a result want to be sure that you will be able to provide consistent lighting, temperature and a quiet and vibration-free location... [Read more]

Glass Aquarium Sizes

Here is a handy aquarium dimensions chart listing popular glass aquarium sizes and their typical corresponding fish tank dimensions and weights.  Please note that the “Filled Weight” measurements account for the weight of the glass aquarium itself and the maximum capacity of water for the aquarium.  Actual finished weight will usually be higher as you add gravel, rock and other decorations. For... [Read more]

Fishless Cycling – Cycle Your Tank with Fish Food or Ammonia

In this post we look at an alternative to the typical method of cycling your fish tank with fish.  Called Fishless Cycling, it is a method of starting the Nitrogen cycle with something other than fish. All that is needed to start the Nitrogen Cycle and begin the building of beneficial nitrifying bacteria is ammonia.  Ammonia is created in your aquarium by fish waste – rotting plant leaves,... [Read more]

How to Cycle Your Fish Tank

Tank cycling is a very important step in establishing your new aquarium, and improper cycling of your fish tank is a common cause of failure among beginning aquarists.  “Cycling your tank” means that you are giving your aquarium enough time to run through the Nitrogen Cycle and establish a biofilter. What is a biofilter?  Basically, a biofilter is a natural system made of colonies of... [Read more]

Occellaris Clown Fish

Occellaris Clown Fish

Popularized by the movie “Finding Nemo” the Ocellaris Clownfish is one of the more popular fish for the saltwater aquarium and make fantastic aquarium inhabitants. For the starter saltwater aquarist, the Occellaris Clownfish are a hardy and a fun fish to have because of their unique swimming motion and their interesting behavior.  They are not too aggressive, will accept most foods and... [Read more]

How to Hatch Baby Brine Shrimp

How to Hatch Baby Brine Shrimp

Live baby brine shrimp are an easy live food source to hatch at home and are an excellent supplementary food source for small freshwater or saltwater fish, as well as marine invertebrates. Supplies you need to hatch baby brine shrimp: Air pump Airstone 3 ft section of air pump tubing Baby brine shrimp cysts () 2 quart or larger canning jar (new, or not previously used to store non-food stuffs) Freshly... [Read more]

Is the Recession Helping Freshwater Aquarium Plant Sales?

Is the Recession Helping Freshwater Aquarium Plant Sales?

In times of economic distress, many people abandon expensive entertainment, and turn to less-expensive hobbies and forms of entertainment that keep them closer to home.  Is it possible that fish-keeping and the aquarium industry is able to actually benefit from this downturn?  At least one company is proving that to be the case. experienced a 60% burst in sales in February compared... [Read more]